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coaching unleashed

Set yourself free ...

The first book on coaching penned by a canine is now available. Wondering what life coaching is all about?
This highly accessible guide to self-coaching has the answers.
  • Overwhelmed? Uncertain? Stuck?

    If you’re not getting what you want in life, let Moka and Coaching Unleashed be your guides to creating new opportunities for personal and professional happiness.

  • Get results

    Prepare to overcome obstacles as authentic case studies and Moka’s playful engaging narrative provide you with powerful tools for success.

  • This comprehensible cutting-edge book covers all the winning basics.

    Values, purpose, goals, limiting beliefs, life balance, mindfulness, and success – Moka will most certainly provide you with something to chew on

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A word from the authors

The "real" authors.

Michel C. Lavoie

Michel Lavoie, Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), has three distinct post-graduate degrees in Communications, Philosophy, and Educational Psychology. He has taught coaching at Coaching de Gestion and mentors graduating students at Concordia University, Montréal.
Michel C. Lavoie
Patricia Lavoie

Patricia Lavoie

Patricia Lavoie, a.k.a. Moka, holds an Honours B.A. in Literature and a graduate degree in Communications. Beginning her career as an original member of the Sesame Street Canada team, she has decades of experience in producing, writing, and script editing for television.

Book Reviews

What people say about COACHING UNLEASHED

  • Amazon Reader

    This book is accessible and full of common sense and wisdom. The authors have plenty of humour. They show convincingly how coaching by a professional can help anyone overcome hard times and attain life-changing goals. I bought five copies for distribution among family members and friends.

  • H.L.

    This self-coaching book contains simple, practical exercises that help you set your values and objectives and guide you through the many steps that will help you reach your goal. User-friendly and fun to read!

  • Marrin C.

    Concept and execution is brilliant. Much to take away from the book's insight and guidance. Most importantly, a very positive and encouraging approach to simple coaching lessons that can improve one's success in life.

  • Del C.

    Great delivery of important life lessons and how to make changes for the better. Highly recommend you listen to Michel (and Moka), a great coach who helped me through some important transitions in my life and how to arrive at better approaches to making changes. Worth reading

  • Sarah B.

    This book is fantastic both for those who are interested in coaching others or themselves. Being written from the point of view of the trusty dog is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to listen in the coaching process. Wonderful read. Congratulations

  • Coaching Client

    This book is very good - it is clear and practical. I hope it helps people as much as you have helped me.

  • Editor, Friesen Press

    Coaching Unleashed... reflects the expertise and talent of the authors, making it a desirable, gratifying, and trustworthy read. By evaluating this manuscript, I benefitted in a way that exceeded my assignment.

  • Paul-Émile L.

    Beaucoup aimé. Le livre va faire le tour de la famille. J'ai trouvé que c'était bien structuré et écrit d'une très belle façon. Les exemples, l'humour, beaucoup de sagesse et d'esprit pratique... Bravo d'avoir réalisé un si beau projet.

  • Amazon Reader

    Fantastic book. Very concise and helpful for the reader as there are exercises after each chapter to help you better understand the role of coaching. I love the aspect of how they took it from the perspective of a dog who is truly non-judgemental and takes you for who you are... This is the quintessential coach who is in your corner and is supportive no matter what. Some fantastic pieces of wisdom that many of us can relate to whether we are on the verge of retirement, going through a midlife crisis, or have lost our way in this sometimes crazy world. While this can never replace true one-on-one personalized coaching, it is a great start to whet your appetite.

  • Paul L.

    This is a very practical, profound handbook for practitioners. It provides sound principles and values, and is crafted in a somewhat amusing, occasionally narrative style through the eyes and ears of a family pet dog, thus the title "unleashed". The brief chapters each contain several serious, reflective questions, requiring readers to consider their perspectives, passions, obstacles, impediments in a workbook format.

    Definitely worth its modest price and the efforts required to optimize its personal and professional learning.

  • Elleke S.

    I really enjoyed Coaching Unleashed. From the first chapter it grabbed my attention and gave me clear direction on how to get the most of what I would like in work and life.