Michel C. Lavoie, PCC

More about the book

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My objective in writing Coaching Unleashed is to demystify the coaching experience. Readers are introduced to the self-coaching process which may eventually lead to a relationship with a professional coach.

This book may also be helpful for those who have been professionally coached as they review their coaching experience. Ideally those who have been professionally coached will continue on the road to self-coaching – and this will act as an inspiring step-by-step reminder and a record of their experience.

Why the case-study/workbook approach?

With time, I have developed my own personal approach to coaching. I like a semi-directive style which allows me to feel authentic and comfortable with the client. So the book was structured after my usual method. Case studies were added to illustrate the main ideas and to ‘humanize' the information. Readers will recognize that they are not alone as they face life’s challenges.

Coaching is a partnership – you cannot just read about it, you have to participate in order to benefit. And so at each step of the way exercises oblige readers to do their homework – and reap the rewards!

Why Moka as narrator?

I believe the presence of a dog brings a lighter and accessible approach to inherently serious content. In large part my coaching is done over the phone and, from the very beginning, my dog faithfully listened in on the sessions, oftentimes dozing right next to me, basking in the warmth of my desk lamp. And so began the inspiration for this book.

Moka has always been very supportive, and especially so in the beginning when I was establishing my practice, offering me a consoling look when a client would forget to call.

Dogs and coaches share many qualities:

Dogs listen with focus and presence. They must be the world’s absolute best listeners – and this is also the talent of a great coach.

A dog is loyal, faithful, and fully accepting of his master. Coaches are fully accepting and non-judgmental of their clients.

A dog never lies! You always know where you stand with a dog.

A dog always presents challenges for his owner. Coaches ask powerful questions.

As a true companion, a dog will sometimes act as a guide for his master. A do coaches.

Moka and I hope you enjoy our book!